Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons

Welcome To The Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team

The Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team offers balloon rides from locations near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Ken Rolland is now a Transport Canada licensed, AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer)-Balloons.  Ken is available for Canadian registered, hot air balloon annual inspections and minor maintenance.  General repairs of basket, burner and envelope is coming soon.


The Air Display Hot  Air Balloon Team is moving to on-line reservations.  The new software will enable passengers to reserve their flight and as collaborations grow, reserve dining, accommodation and other experiences as well!  Although advance payment will be required, Air Display will be implementing clear refund policies for passengers who cannot reschedule a weather cancelled flight.  More soon.

VIP Hot Air Balloon Rides

Enjoy a chauffeured, hot air balloon adventure and the camaraderie of the Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team.

Fly comfortably and with the attention you deserve.  Air Display operates low capacity, hot air balloons and carries no more than five passengers (typically four adults) on each flight.

Passengers are not asked to meet unless the weather is promising.  Air Display's personalized flight notification gives you an advance weather status for your flight and an opportunity to have last minute questions answered before meeting for your balloon ride.

Participate in pre- and post- flight activities only if you like.  Air Display schedules at least two ground crew members (usually three) to assist the Pilot with each flight.

Air Display uses luxury, vehicle transport for the ride to the balloon's launch site and then for the return trip back to our rendezvous location after your balloon ride.

Fly Canadian

Air Display flies Canadian built, custom designed hot air balloons.  "Pride In Ownership" is visible in all equipment.

Obelix Fantasy AX8-105

Leafy Fantasy AX9-122 Leafyetta Fantasy AX8-105

Pay After Your Flight*

Weather plays a major role in the decision to fly hot air balloons and not all balloon ride clients have the schedule flexibility weather sometimes demands.  Because of this, Air Display does not require payment until after your balloon ride.

Experience Counts

Chief Pilot Ken Rolland has over thirty five years of balloon flying experience.  With more than 1,900 flights to his credit, he maintains an impeccable safety record.

Ken is personable and attentive.  He has a keen eye for those treasured photo moments and his stories entertain and educate guests.

Good Business Practice

Air Display provides an honest, upfront approach to hot air balloon rides.  Air Display does not use ride sale gimmicks or participate in bulk offerings with unrealistic discounts.  Air Display highly recommends you read the "fine print" when shopping for a balloon ride.  It's important because balloon operators who use bulk offering of sale practises count on a high percentage of takers never claiming their purchase.  The adage "you get what you pay for" is very applicable when using a bulk offering for a balloon ride..


The Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team focuses on quality, fairness and a genuine desire to provide you a memorable, ballooning experience.


Air Display values your referrals!


Hope to welcome you aboard,


Ken Rolland


* Balloon ride certificates and vouchers require payment in advance.


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