Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons


Welcome To Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team


Hot Air Balloon Rides from just North of Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Air Display is closed due to COVID-19 restraints and not
accepting balloon ride reservations.

Air Display does not have a reopening date at this time.

VIP Balloon Rides

Enjoy a chauffeured, hot air balloon adventure and the camaraderie of the Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team.


Fly comfortably and with the attention you deserve.  Air Display caters to small groups carrying no more than five passengers on each flight.  Private balloon charters also available.

Ride clients are not asked to meet unless the weather is promising.  Air Display's personalized flight notification provides an advance weather status for the scheduled  balloon ride and an opportunity to ask last minute questions.


Participate in pre- and post- flight activities only if you want.  Air Display schedules plenty of volunteer ground crew to assist the Pilot with the balloon's inflation and pack-up.

Air Display uses luxury, vehicle transport for the ride to the balloon's launch site and for the return trip after your balloon ride. 

Note the lack of advertisements on the Air Display chase truck and trailer.
 This is your hot air balloon ride after all!

The Air Display Balloon Fleet

Air Display flies made in Canada, custom designed hot air balloons.  Here's our fleet:

"Pride In Ownership" is visible in all of Air Display's equipment!

Pay After Your Balloon Ride

Weather plays a major role in the decision to fly hot air balloons and not all ride clients
have a schedule that weather sometimes demands.  Because of this, Air Display does not charge in advance for balloon rides.  Go to Air Display's "PRICES" page for details.

If your flight is cancelled due to weather (not uncommon for ballooning) and you choose not to reschedule, only a modest booking fee is charged!*

Experience Counts

Chief Pilot, Ken Rolland is both personable and attentive.  He has over thirty-five years of balloon flying experience and more than 2,000 flights to his credit.  Besides his well honed flying skills, Ken also has a keen eye for treasured photo moments.  His ballooning stories will entertain and educate.

Mr. Rolland is a conscience hot air pilot who maintains an impeccable safety record!

Good Business Practise

The Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team provides an honest, upfront approach to hot air balloon rides.  Air Display does not use sale gimmicks or participate in third party bulk offerings with unrealistic discounts.


For most people going for a hot air balloon ride is a once in a lifetime adventure, a bucket list item or a special time requiring the romance of lighter than air flight.   Air Display focuses on quality, fairness and a genuine desire to provide a memorable experience.

The age old adage "you get what you pay for" is also true when shopping for a balloon ride!  If you are getting a price that's too good to be true, it probably is.

Read the "fine print"!  Some balloon operators fly very (very!) large passenger ride balloons which they need to keep at least half full to fly.  To do this they use a variety of discounts and third party vendors.  This is especially so during slow periods!  That "sale" price you are getting is likely full of restrictions and of course, paid in full in advance.  If your balloon ride is cancelled either because weather or for some other unspoken reason, it will be up to you to reschedule.  By signing up and paying for your balloon ride in advance, you have accepted the weather's fickleness and the operator's fine print!


Large passenger balloons typically carry between 8 and 16 passengers per flight.  Being herded is never personable and it is definitely not what we (Air Display) call an authentic ballooning experience!

There is a big difference between purchasing a hot air balloon ride and going ballooning!

They waited a long time to check "Go Ballooning" off their bucket list.  Looks like the wait was worth it!


The Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team hopes to welcome you aboard!


*Air Display charges a modest non-refundable booking fee.  This fee is subtracted from the balloon ride fee after your flight has been provided.  Ride cancellation or rescheduling requested by the client may be subject to a "lack of notice" penalty fee.  Refer to Air Display's TERMS and CONDITIONS page for ride cancellation details.


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