Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons


Air Display Balloon Ride Description

Discover the quiet thrill of hot air balloon flight with the Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team.  Memorable hot air balloon adventures are offered from locations about an hour's drive from Toronto (Hwy 401 and Yonge Street), Ontario, Canada.  Please see our DIRECTIONS page for exact meeting addresses.

From a passenger's perspective, hot air ballooning  is a simple and comfortable experience.  There is no swaying or feeling of motion during a balloon ride.

Morning flyers will enjoy dawn panoramas that offer spectacular sunrises, patchy river fog and the crispness of a new day.  Magical and thought provoking!

Evening flyers are often met with cheers from backyard spectators and a caravan of onlookers chasing the balloon to its final resting place.  Photobugs are very busy!

Hot air ballooning is an inexact science.  Flights are about one hour (45-90 minutes) in duration.  From the time we meet until you are returned back to our rendezvous, may take up to four hours.

All Air Display balloon flights are followed by a traditional balloonist, champagne toast to salute the flight's "New Wings", gracious Landowners and dedicated Crew.  Nonalcoholic beverages are also available for this celebration.

Nature Lovers Rejoice

Travel to places where feet, paddles and wheels cannot take you.  See wildlife without disrupting habitat.  Ballooning offers the unique perspective of contour flight where you  are only inches above a marshy wetland, perfectly aligned crops, fragrant meadows or dense forest trees.

Almost all hot air balloon flights are the same, only different!  Experiences vary and Air Display endeavors to highlight the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.


Let your imagination wander by checking out the many photos sprinkled throughout the Air Display web site.  Specific photo galleries are available for each location.

Help Air Display Improve!

Speaking of photos, "in flight" photographs are often taken by the Pilot.  Photos are not professional either in quality or frequency however, in exchange for a few minutes to give your assessment of us on Trip Advisor, Air Display will email whatever photos are taken of you, free of charge.

When requesting photos, just pop us an email saying you have given your assessment

and provide the time (sunrise or evening) and date of your flight.  Your request will be answered promptly.


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