Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons

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Lots of Trespassing (Stories of an Unusual Balloon Pilot)

Just out this December 2017 written by friend, Keith E. Gourley.  An entertaining read ISBN 9781979344470.  Available on Amazon, Comebooks and Kindle.  Just in time for Christmas.

Used Aircraft Radios


This handheld air band nav/com transceiver is an older model but works fine.  New battery.  Radio comes with wall charger, pouch and original operating manual.  $125.00.


This handheld air band com transiever is an older model but works fine. Display has small crack but no effect on operability.  Radio includes mike, protective case with belt clip, two batteries (both about one year old), wall charger and desk charger.  Original operating manual.  $145.00.

Japan Radio Company JHP-200

This handheld air band transceiver is an older model but works fine.  Stock battery no longer manufactured so opened old battery case and had new rechargeables installed (tape around battery pack keeps pack together instead of re-gluing).  Radio includes protective case, wall charger and pouch.  $100.00.

Business Class Radios

Two UHF Motorola Radius GP300 Handhelds and Two Paired Motorola Mobile Units

Two, 2 channel, handheld GP300 UHF radios (frequency 454.1250 and 454.2000).  Good range.  Batteries one year old.  One radio functions with mike only.  Both radios have battery pack belt clips.  Package includes matching mobile units below.  $350.00.

Motorola Mobile Station UHF

Two, 2 channel UHF radios (frequency 454.1250 and 454.2000).  Very good range.  Radios match up with above GP300 handhelds.  Power cables, mikes and hangers, one antenna.  One mike clip not making firm connection.  Package includes matching handhelds above.

Cold Air Inflators

Controlled Airstream Inflator Fan

An older, light weight fan.  Good inflation power.  24" metal prop, recently serviced, 5 HSP (Honda).  Runs great.  350$

Fuel Tanks

Two Cameron 15 gal SS master cylinders.  Type CB426, SNs 1822.072 and .073.  Rego fittings.  Original brown canvas covers and HD foam padding in good condition.  Both tanks will be freshly certified.  $800 US each or $750 US each if purchased together.

Refuel Hoses

Custom Refuel Lines Available.  Auto connection with check valve and vent.  Multitank manifold enables one connection for all cylinders.  Check valve means when last cylinder full and all tank valves are closed, auto supply can be disconnection with only a wisper venting of entrained propane.  Vent valve means you can depressurize in a controlled fashion.

Hose lengths and preferred tank fittings required for pricing.  Shown is a four cylinder Auto to POL


For safety, ensure you are grounded before starting a refueling operation.  Only one cylinder should be valved in for filling at a time.  If enclosed trailer has only one door, basket and/or tanks should be removed from trailer.  If trailer has a personnel and a rear door, all doors should be blocked open.  Only intrinsically safe lighting should be used.

Fantasy Hot Air Balloons

Coming soon.

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