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Hot Air Balloons


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BBC Video Archive 1973: Fyfe Robertson looking for some good, clean and utterly useless fun.

Puppets and Hot Air Balloons Howie and Baboo Now Your Know Series.  Some shots of the filming.

High Flying Bach (a little something the Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team worked on with Canadian violin soloist, Lara St John, produced by Nigel Hunt (this is a You Tube presentation with sound))


Do It In The Basket (an intersting timelapse, stop motion and 3D animation by videographer Jan Fröjdman)


RMR (Rick Mercer Report) - Rick Goes Hot Air Ballooning (Canadian comedian, Rick Mercer goes for his first balloon ride (this is a You Tube presentation with sound))


2014 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (another interesting timelapse video of the "Big One")


A You Tube bit of the REMAX hot air balloon history

Transport Canada

Civil Aviation


Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS)


Advisory Circulars - Tranport Canada issued advisory cirulars (AC) to aid the civil aviation community understand how to comply with current aviation regulations and standards.


Hot Air Balloons - A passenger guide to Canadian ballooning.


Montgolfières - Guide du passager


Nav Canada (the official weather site for Canadian Pilots)


Canadian Weather Radar (Meteorological Service of Canada)


Quebec Balloon Weather (maintained by Canadian balloon Pilot Mario Bilodeau (français))


NOAA Aviation Weather Service (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration's aviation weather centre)


Balloon Cast (a handy US site maintained by American balloon Pilot, Rick Jones) (a `present time` US civilian site valued by the Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team)


IWindy (a personal favorite civilian site maintained by Ivo Lukacovic, a Czech Republic kiter, helicopter and jet pilot) and business man)

National Aviation Associations

COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilot Association)


International Ballooning Associations

BFA (Balloon Federation of America)


BBAC (British Balloon and Airship Club)


World Ballooning Association

FAI (Fédération Aéroautique Internationale) Ballooning 

General Ballooning

Associate Photo Site (administered by a loyal First Mate (who should be learning to be a balloon pilot!!) Mr. Arsen Shirokov)


Blastvalve Ballooning Search Engine (administered by fellow American balloon pilot
Mr. Rick Jones)


The World Wide Web Ballooning Pages Database (administered by fellow European balloon pilot Mr. Joop De Wilde)

Balloon Festivals Attended By Air Display

Manned Balloon Manufacturers


Kavanagh Balloons


Czech Replublic

Kubicek Balloons



Schroeder Fire Balloons


Ultramagic Balloons

United Kingdom

Cameron Balloons UK

United States


Fantasy Balloons (you want to talk with fellow balloon pilot and now balloon builder, Mr. Shane Cory or Ken Rolland (Approved Part Manufacturer))


Cameron Balloons US (you want to talk with fellow balloon pilot and master balloon builder, Mr. Andy Baird)


Firefly Balloons


Linstrand Balloons USA (you want to talk to master balloon builder, Mr. Phil Thompson)


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