Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons

Air Display Balloon Ride Prices

Maximum individual passenger weight not to exceed 250 lbs (112 kg).

Total combined passenger group weight not to exceed 850 lbs (385 kg).

All aircraft have maximum weight limits.  These limits are for safety
and passenger comfort.

Balloon rides designated as "shared" means, Air Display has the option to fill the remaining passenger space to its capacity of up to five passengers.

Balloon rides designated as "private" means, only your party and Air Display's Pilot will be on board during the flight.

Air Display provides advance sale, Balloon Ride Certificates and Vouchers to third party purchasers.  Third party purchasers do not generally participate in the balloon ride.

Air Display does not charge in advance* for balloon rides but does require a valid credit to hold a reservation.  Credit card submission is not required for reservations by Ride Certificate holders.

Air Display accepts payment as cash, locally written cheques (made out to Rolland Enterprises Inc.), e-transfers, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.  HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) for Ontario, Canada is 13%.  This tax is in addition to the ride fare and has been calculated for your convenience.


For security reasons, do not submit credit card details electronically.  This information needs to be exchanged by telephone.


Air Display will not return telephone messages left by out of country enquiries (excludes USA).  If you are from a country other than Canada or the USA, please provide an email address with your message for a reply.


Please refer to the Air Display "FAQ" page for answers to general questions.


Refer to the Air Display "TERMS and CONDITIONS" page for "fine print" details regarding Air Display's balloon rides, ride certificates and vouchers.


Air Display offers a 20% passenger ride discount to local Landowners and Lessees in the vicinity of our flying area (Barrie, Orillia, Innisville, Angus, Cookstown, Alliston, Tottenham and Beeton).


To be eligible, Landowners or Lessees must have rural property that could accommodate a balloon landing when fields are in fallow or after harvest.  The reservation must include the Landowner or Lessee and be for at least two persons.  Balloon ride certificates and vouchers excluded.


Air Display offers a 10% passenger ride discount to Canadian Armed Forces service personnel and veterans.  Balloon ride certificates and vouchers excluded.


Discounts cannot be combined.


To take advantage of either of these discounts, contact our office via the Air Display "CONTACT" form (preferred), email or telephone at 905 767 8512.


Shared Balloon Ride For One Person $325.00 (after tax total $367.25)

Shared Balloon Ride For Two Persons $600.00 (after tax total $678.00)
($300.00 per person)

Shared Balloon Ride For Three Persons $900.00 (after tax total $1,017.00)
($300.00 per person)

Shared Balloon Ride For Four Persons $1,160.00 (after tax total $1,310.80)
($290.00 per person)

Balloon Ride For Five Persons $1,400.00 (after tax total $1,582.00)
($280.00 per person)

Private Charter for up to Four Passengers $1,200.00 (after tax total, $1,356.00)

Balloon Ride Certificates

The Air Display Balloon Ride Certificate makes a perfect gift, prize or donation.  The certificates are handcrafted with a plain white envelope.


Air Display Ride Certificates are paid for in advance, typically by a third party purchaser (i.e. purchaser is not participating in the balloon ride).  


Ride certificates are serialized but not personalized.  Certificates can be for one to five passengers and are identified as a shared or private balloon ride.


Air Display Ride Certificates are delivered by Canada Post.  If time pressure demands, an electronic version can be emailed ahead of the hard copy.

Each Air Display Balloon Ride Certificate has a $25.00 (plus HST) administrative and handling fee in addition to the passenger fare.

Balloon Ride Vouchers

The Air Display Balloon Ride Voucher makes a nice gift, prize or donation.  Vouchers are serialized but not personalized.  Vouchers are made out to the denomination (including HST) purchased.  Delivery of the voucher is by e-mail.

Air Display Balloon Ride Vouchers are sold in increments of $100.00 (plus HST).  Vouchers may be used towards the price of any balloon ride service offered by Air Display.  After tax, the minimum Balloon Ride Voucher purchase price is $113.00.

*Third party purchases (Balloon Ride Certificates and Vouchers) are paid in advance.

** Prices may change without notice.


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